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This is the internet era, where everyone can connect from anywhere. Indeed, social media are the major platforms to build such virtual relationships. These Days, millions of social platforms are available worldwide. However, 17 platforms have more than 300 million active users globally. Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter, etc. are major social media platforms for users. 

Indeed, these famous sites operate for billions of users for a specific time. That’s why the majority of businesses promote their services through these platforms. Here come experts who are known as Social Media Marketers

Being a Social Media Marketing (SMM) expert, you are responsible for connecting those consumers with businesses. Learning such skill-based courses can open huge opportunities for you. So below we give details about SMM & the best course from the top digital marketing platform – Blueberry IT solution.

What Value Will SMM Course Add To Your Career?

Being a social media marketer, you are familiar with standard digital software. In short, applications manage billions of traffic every year. So you create a potent network for specific work or making a profit. This is the 21st century where connection or data matters most to succeed in life. A social media expert knows strategies that drive potential traffic into their hand so that you can convert them into customers or encourage them to achieve specific goals.

We have a mission to educate millions of students about digital marketing. So that learners can find or create their successful path in the 21st century. The majority of students who completed our training programs get a potential future within a short period.

But first, you have to understand the values that SMM adds to your life.

Build network & influence

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc., are widely popular platforms with millions of active users per day. It helps businesses and individuals to expand their network through this platform. An SMM expert finds the right people for a specific task or industry. Indeed you can influence existing or new folks to give them awareness or services.

Expand Business

Social media marketing is the primary strategy for businesses to expand their growth and sales. If you have products but are looking for potential customers, social platforms are the best option to pick. These applications include millions of users worldwide. With the help of SMM, you can target the right audience for your business or product. That’s how you can expand your conversion at a higher speed.


Search for jobs

This is another best option for those seeking new jobs. Social media is the hub of groups and businesses. You can contact them according to your industry. It helps to get more options for employment. Besides, things are more manageable if you know SMM so that you can influence more people as per your need.

Trust & Authority

This is the most crucial facility you get by learning social media marketing. Trust is a valuable thing that takes more effort and time to earn. As an SMM expert, you can connect more people for specific tasks. A helpful post, solution, or tactics drive more attention to your side. That’s how you can build trust among particular communities.

In simple terms, knowledge of social media marketing can help you in multiple ways. Whether you can find your desired job or build a community to help others. Everything is possible if you have the courage and dedication to learn our complete training program.

Benefits of Learning Social Media Marketing Course

Being a social media marketer, you can achieve many goals individually or by running a business.

Brand Awareness

Expanding your new startup is easier if you know about social media marketing. An SMM expert targets the right audience for the right businesses. It helps to get more engagement and awareness among interested audiences. So that you can generate more leads for your business.

Increased Revenue

Selling products and services is the primary goal of every business. Social media marketers are experts at promoting certain products on social platforms. It helps reach potential customers who are interested in buying certain products. That’s how you can increase revenue for your business. In Contrast, you can also help other companies for achieving their goal. Instead, you get rewarded for completing the task.

Organic Traffic

The primary benefit of social media marketing is organic traffic to your site or business. It helps to grab more audiences with minimum effort and spending.

Build Customer Trust

This is another crucial factor in social media marketing. An SMM expert creates engaging posts, content, or copies for targeted audiences. It helps people to be aware of knowledge, news, and exciting products or services so that you can drive customers’ attention to your business and help them to get their desired items.

Retargeting Opportunities

Social media experts generate leads or customer details through digital platforms. It helps businesses to target them later for conversion. This is called retargeting opportunities for increasing sales and growth.

Who Should Join the Social Media Marketing Course?

Any individual who completed primary education can join the Social Media Marketing course. Social media marketing is a strategy that includes several factors to learn. There are multiple ways to target audiences through different social media platforms. In the SMM course, common learning skills are below

  • Building strategy for specific social media platforms
  • Making content plans for social media
  • Target the right audience
  • Promote valuable content
  • Manage social reputation
  • Connect with third party influencers and community
  • Manage reviews and negatives
  • Tracking social sales
  • Analyzing competitors
  • More

Still, Confuse?

Above are the typical SMM learnings individuals should know strictly. However, we designed our training program for different students. Whether you are a college boy, employee, business person or others doesn’t matter. If you have the dedication to learn something creative and new then, YOU ARE WELCOME!

Career Opportunities In Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the most demanding job in the 21st century. A Social media marketer is known to influence people through social posts, videos, and content. Indeed, it is a trending industry with a market cap of 14.4 billion. Prediction says the market size can be increased up to 41.6 billion by 2026. The report says the popularity of this industry is increasing by 23.6% per year.

However, the statistic says, 93% of companies use social media for expanding their sales and growth. For that, the corporation hired top SMM professionals with a handsome paycheck per month.

Students can be ready for a bright future after completing our dedicated Social Media Marketing course. However, we also offer interview preparation, guaranteed placement assistance, and paid internship facilities. So that learners can gather practical knowledge to increase their value in the market.

Average Income in Social Media Marketing Field

SMM Manager
SMM Manager

A marketing manager is responsible for creating complete blueprints, content, and posts for social platforms.

Avg Salary: 5.0 LPA

SMM Analyst
SMM Analyst

An analysis of SMM manages campaigns, data, and performance for certain businesses.

Avg Salary: 3.4 LPA

SMM Marketing Executive
SMM Marketing Executive

These professionals are responsible for managing social channels, customer satisfaction, and engagement for growth.

Avg Salary: 3.0 LPA

SMM Coordinator
SMM Coordinator

These professionals work for potent blueprint, content, online presence, and customer service.

Avg Salary: 4.0 LPA

SMM Specialist
SMM Specialist

This performance-based job manages daily campaigns for effective ROI (return of investment).

Avg Salary: 6 LPA

SMM Copywriter
SMM Copywriter

These professionals create engaging content for social platforms. So that customers can connect to businesses with their services and products.

Avg Salary:4.4 LPA

What People Say About Us

Chandan Pnadey
Chandan Pnadey
Good institute for joining digital marketing course. Trainers are also very cooperative and supportive. I joined sep course and then migrated to full course. Respect for the guys. Doing great job. 👌
preeti verma
preeti verma
Amazing experience with the faculty. I strongly recommend BCDM. #1 institute to join digital marketing course in west Delhi. After the course completion, they provide paid internship which helps in job placement. My best wishes to everyone.
Yash Pal
Yash Pal
To be the master of the game you need best teacher! Thanks BCDM for giving me the confidence and job placement assistance!
Narender Kashyap
Narender Kashyap
Hi guys, I'm Narender. Believe me bcdm offers best digital marketing course not only in paschim vihar but in the whole West delhi. They have their own IT company which is why they provide paid internship of 2 months to all the trainees who join this institute. Very loyal faculty.
Saurav Madaan
Saurav Madaan
i have done digital marketing training program from bcdm and after that i did 2 months internship. Now thanks to you i have achieved a good job at seo executive post.
Medona Mirs
Medona Mirs
My brother had done digital marketing training program from bcdm and he is quiet satisfied. Thanks for guiding him on his career path.
Vikram Grover
Vikram Grover
A committed team of young individual to create a difference in the arena of Digital Marketing. The diverse practical exposure on live projects gives an edge. I truly appreciate them for placement support after the completion of the course. A big thank you for the support.
Siyaana Kharbanda
Siyaana Kharbanda
Best trainers for Internet Marketing classes in whole west delhi
P Sharma
P Sharma
I have recently heard about this institute from a friend , enrolled for a course! So far so good! The faculty is good !


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